January 17, 2015

Contact Us

Brad Hoffman CEO & Educational Consultant brad@mylearningspringboard.com
Faya Hoffman COO & Corporate Communications faya@mylearningspringboard.com
Laurie Gross Executive Director laurie@mylearningspringboard.com
Emily Tabourin Senior Director emily@mylearningspringboard.com
Jason Turetsky Director, Middle and Upper School Divisions jason@mylearningspringboard.com
Nicole DeMartino Director, Lower and Middle School Divisions nicole@mylearningspringboard.com
Tony Majewski Director, Lower and Middle School Divisions tony@mylearningspringboard.com
Yael Kahn Pinto Director, preK and Lower School Divisions yael@mylearningspringboard.com
Jordan Tempro Office Manager & Executive Assistant jordan@mylearningspringboard.com
Deena S. Borzak Community Outreach Coordinator – Boca Raton deena@mylearningspringboard.com
Lauren Robinson Community Outreach Coordinator – DC & MD lauren@mylearningspringboard.com
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