July 4, 2015


After Debate, Upper East Side Middle-School Class Decides Not to Eat Its Pet Fish

Pablo will be sleeping with the fishes. But in this case, that is a good thing. The fate of Pablo the tilapia had been in the hands of middle-school students at an Upper East Side public school. They cared for him as part of a class project, then debated whether to eat him in a  read more…


Why Coding?

Coding instruction is a hot topic, and never has the role of computer programming in education been more discussed, questioned, dissected, and applauded. So what’s the big deal? Watch this great video from Code.org, a non-profit dedicated to growing computer science education by making it available in more schools, and increasing participation by women and underrepresented  read more…

Camp Greylock Tutoring

Tutoring at Camp Greylock

I really envy these kids—Greylock is an absolutely beautiful camp in the woods of Lenox, Massachusetts. Bordered by the lake, the water at Greylock is calm and clear. Some of the kids have fishing poles, others are off playing one sport or another, and some are swimming in the shallow part of the water nearest  read more…

Frustrated Student

Helping Your Child Cope With Test Anxiety

There is a four letter word, often heard in school.  This word can elicit fear, even panic for some students. That word?  TEST.   Most people feel at least a little nervous before an exam. A low level of anxiety can actually be helpful, as it can provide motivation and energy during the test. The problem  read more…

Girls With Microscope

Teaching Critical Thinking Through Science

The goal of science education is much more than teaching students specific science content, it’s teaching students how to think with an emphasis on hypothesizing, planning, testing, reasoning from data, and drawing conclusions.  Many of us are familiar with the scientific method, but science teaching, particularly at the elementary level, should focus on process skills.   read more…

Mindset Magazine Cover

Key Messages that Instill a Growth Mindset for Students

What do we want our students to learn?  How will we know they learned it?  What will we do if they already know it or if they didn’t learn it?  You can learn to be smart.  What we are doing is important.  I am here to help you.  The above questions and statements were at  read more…

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