August 5, 2015

Family Fun With a Globe

What’s Behind a Word: the Role of a Language Tutor

Over the course of the last two decades technology has dramatically changed the way a foreign language is taught and is learned both in the classroom and in the private or semi-private setting. I remember that in the early 1990s I would take my students on field trips to an Internet café, the first one  read more…

Daughter And Son Painting

Teaching Our Children Manners

We all want our children to grow up with good manners, right?  Sometimes I wonder if my expectations for my children are too high, or too low.  Should they be looking someone in the eye when they greet them?  Is it OK that they yell, “Thank You!” as they run away from a friend’s house at  read more…

Reading with Mom

Using a Multi-Sensory Approach to Support Your Child’s Reading and Writing at Home

 According to the Preventive Academic Failure (PAF), a program that prevents reading failure, a multi-sensory approach is necessary in order to ensure success in those struggling with reading, spelling, and handwriting. When working with your child at home, it is effective to use auditory, visual, and kinesthetic modalities simultaneously. PAF supports that all connections between  read more…

Father and Son Math Homework

How To Detect If Your Child Has A Handwriting Problem

It seems that handwriting for young children is always a struggle that relieves itself as the children mature. In actuality, handwriting involves many areas of coordination and thinking. When learning how to write alphabetic letters properly, a child is required to implement his/her visual motor skills, spatial conception, as well as, kinesthetic memory and muscles.  read more…

Girls Looking at Photos

Grasping the Main Idea

Understanding and explaining the main idea of a text is crucial for a student’s competency in reading comprehension.   Yet, grasping the main idea of a text, television show, or movie is something that many children struggle with regularly.  What exactly is the “main idea”?  I like to think of it as the “big picture.”   read more…


Audition Success

Imagine yourself in this situation: You’ve spent the past year or more shopping around for the school that fits you best. You’ve read promotional documents. You’ve visited campuses. You’ve seen theatres and recital halls. Perhaps you’ve met with a professor or taken a lesson with a member of a voice faculty. After a year or  read more…

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