April 26, 2015


Internships–The Gateway to Opportunity

Education comes in many forms. Hands-on industry experience is an amazing tool to help apply and reinforce the skills you have learned in the classroom. With fashion being a competitive industry, a great portfolio will help land you a job but real-life experience in the form of an internship will further your educational growth and make you a more desirable candidate. In  read more…

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Using ISEE Preparation to Bolster Middle and High School Readiness

Many families approach ISEE testing as an event that happens during the fall season as part of the admissions process. Parents who begin ISEE preparation with their children only a few months before the test generally feel a greater amount of stress  and sometimes put unnecessary pressure on their children. The Independent School Entrance Exam,  read more…


Are Your Kids Victims of Cyber-Snooping?

Textbook giant Pearson Education recently hired a web security company to monitor all posts on the Internet connected to the common core testing this month. In particular, the security company is on the lookout for student tweets about Common Core test questions. But, are they cyber-snooping? The recent (March 2015) public uproar was immediate because,  read more…

CLOVER:  6 Syllable Types

CLOVER: 6 Syllable Types

As a strategy to teach decoding, students can learn to identify and categorize within 6 syllable types. The acronym CLOVER helps students to remember the 6 types.           Closed Consonant Le Open Vowel Pair Magic E Bossy R Once students develop an understanding of these six syllable types and can accurately  read more…


5 Reasons to Teach Coding

Coding is a new type of literacy–Wired Magazine reported that reading and writing code is the new literacy. Those students who master it are better prepared for a technical revolution that spans cultures and language boundaries. That’s because coding isn’t just a language. It’s a way of thinking about problem solving. 2. Coding is a  read more…


Holistic Teaching

Teaching makes us often find mirrors between our interactions with students and our own childhood and school experiences. For me, I think back to the duality between how I was perceived and the person I really was. As the boy with the strongest arm, tossing the ball miles down the field, it was no surprise that I would  read more…

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