William Fenton (English and Creative Writing)

Will FentonWill Fenton is a Private Tutor and the Director of the Writing Center at Lincoln Center, Teaching Fellow, and a doctoral candidate at Fordham University, where he specializes in nineteenth-century American literature and the Digital Humanities. His dissertation, “Unpeaceable Kingdom: Fighting Quakers, Revolutionary Violence, and the Antebellum Novel,” examines the discrepancy between fictional representations of fighting Quakers and their historical practices of pacifism and political participation. A HASTAC scholar and recipient of Fordham’s Innovative Pedagogy Initiative Grant, he regularly writes about his integration of technology into his research and pedagogy. William is also on summer faculty at the Seefeld, Austria campus of the Institut auf dem Rosenberg where he taught English to international students.

William’s publishing experience includes editorial work for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Bill Smith Group, and most recently PC Magazine where he continues to contribute freelance articles and reviews. His prose and poetry have appeared in numerous reviews and journals, including The Boston Literary Magazine, Cold Mountain Review, Writer’s Block (Rutgers), Ellipsis, and Monogahela Review.

Whether it’s structuring an academic argument, performing and integrating research, or editing an application essay, William is eager to share his passion for writing.


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