August 3, 2015

Vanessa Bolger (Early Childhood and Special Education)

Vanessa Bolger

Vanessa Bolger

Vanessa is a seasoned Special Educator accredited with duel New York State certification in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. She earned her Master’s Degree from Hunter College and has been working within the New York City education community for over 5 years.

Previously Vanessa was a head teacher in an inclusive classroom at The Studio School on the Upper West Side. She developed kindergarten and early childhood enrichment curriculum that meaningfully connected classroom learning with the world outside. With a keen understanding of children’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development, she created opportunities for children to cultivate personal interests and self-motivation.

Vanessa recognizes that every part of a child’s day is an opportunity for learning and her contextual lessons, both formal and informal reflect this understanding.

She currently provides special instruction as a SEIT to children enrolled in various programs city wide. As a facilitator of independent growth and learning, she creates and implements differentiated instruction to serve the educational goals of children with developmental delays and specific educational needs. She is devoted to fostering meaningful relationships with children, families, service providers and school administrators to encourage communication and team coordination.

A born and raised New Yorker, Vanessa attended Grace Church School in Greenwich Village before spending her high school years at Berkshire Boarding School.

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