A Master Teacher Can Really Make the Difference

Master TeacherA master teacher can change a child’s life. Many would think that this statement is an exaggeration but research has proven otherwise.

So what does a master teacher look like and how do I know if my child has one? A master teacher is one who not only knows his or her subject matter, but also knows a multitude of strategies and is able match a specific strategy to the learning style of each student. It is not enough just to know a lot of strategies, the master teacher understands that obstacles to learning occur and the master teacher is able to identify the root cause of the roadblock and adjust instruction accordingly.

The best learning occurs when there is a trusting relationship between the student and the teacher or tutor. In order for our children to be successful learners, they must feel safe to take risks, understand what is expected of them, and believe the teacher has high expectations for them and will provide whatever support is necessary to help them meet or exceed those expectations.

We can also enhance a child’s opportunity to be an effective and successful learner through strong and collaborative partnerships with families. Students benefit when parents and teachers value and understand the importance of each other’s knowledge. A trusting relationship that is based on meaningful communication provides the foundation for this strong partnership.

At My Learning Springboard, we believe that a teacher’s skill makes the difference in our students’ ability to learn. By providing tailored instruction that is based on our student’s learning style, interests and identified needs, we are able to make learning an enjoyable, attainable and meaningful experience.

By Amy Shapiro
Reading Specialist and National Board Certified Teacher

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